Wednesday, March 4, 2015

MN Consults Day #3

We are finally back at the hotel after a very long day! Raul was back there for about 5 hours, and under anesthesia for over 4 hours. They gave him Versed in pre-op, then I suited up in the white jumpsuit and hair net and took him back to the OR, where they gave him laughing gas while they did his IV and put him to sleep. Then I joined my mom in the waiting room, where not too long later the GI team came out after doing his endoscopy. They said things looked pretty good, and let us know that they were going to go ahead with IR doing the esophogeal dilatation. A bit later IR came by to get consent.

Next the person from Dr. Tolar's team came out to let us know that she had finished the photos, skin biopsies, and a couple wound cultures. Unfortunately, they were unable to do the bone marrow biopsy due to the wounds on both sides of his hips. They prescribed Bactrim for him as we wait for the culture results to come back. She also told us that IR felt it safest to intubate him for the dilatation, and a bit later the updated us that they were starting the dilatation. When IR came out they let us know that he had one fairly tight stricture up high, and a less tight one at the top of his chest. Next it was time for me to get suited up again and go back to the OR to rebandage Raul. That went smoothly, and it was easy to do it with him still under anesthesia and not in pain! But I am glad that I don't regularly have to wear that get up while changing bandages, as it was hot!

Then they had me go back to the waiting room again while they extubated him and moved him to recovery. 25 minutes after the board had updated that he moved to recovery we asked if we could go back, and they said yes. It was quite a long time before he woke up, but he tends to be slow waking up, and today had been under for a long time. But when he woke up he immediately started talking where he had left off before he went to sleep, and wanted to sit right up (even though he was falling over). They didn't have any car balloons blown up, so he picked a pony balloon, as he is currently obsessed with horses/ponies (switched recently from camels). He is still being a bit goofy and sleepy now, but we are back at the hotel and he is playing on the iPad and with his trucks. He ate two yogurts when we got back, which I am sure felt good on his throat!

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