Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mall of America

We had a long night last night, as Raul was up a lot, but then we had a good day today! We did bandages, stopped at Target, and went to the Mall of America. Raul was very excited about meeting The Wonder Pets and Dora/Diego, as well as watching some of the rides. He even went on two rides: the blue train from Dora and a big rig. A very nice family who was leaving offered us their extra tickets for rides while we were waiting at the ticket booth. We also went into the Lego store where Raul got to play with Duplo at a play station, and pick out a new set (he picked a snowplow). He was definitely tired today, but he did awesome at the mall, which was pretty overwhelming!  He says he had a good day, and he is now busy playing with his snowplow.


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  1. Raul always brightens my day! I love how excited he is when the turtle hugged him.