Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas Tree Decorating

Tonight we all went over to my parents' house to decorate their Christmas tree and make Christmas cookies! This past week was rough. Raul started antibiotics at the beginning of the week due to fevers and increased pain from infection, and missed two days of school because of the pain. His labs from the beginning of the week showed high inflammatory markers, which was likely related to the infection and what was causing him so much pain. Then Thursday night he spiked a fever again, and we both came down with some sort of cold/virus. Luckily things are starting to look up, and he had a great time tonight! 


  1. That outfit is way too cute on him! Love it. Glad you two are feeling better and that you had a fun time decorating the tree! :)

  2. Raul looks so adorable. Praying you are both well quickly. God bless you both,