Sunday, September 7, 2014

Edaville Railroad

Today we went to Edaville railroad for their "Day Out With Thomas" event! Raul was very excited to see the big Thomas and ride on the caboose (which is their handicap accessible car, but luckily also the one he wanted!). We took the train ride through the cranberry bogs, and Raul almost dozed off again after falling asleep in the car. He isn't feeling very well due to infection, and started antibiotics yesterday, but they haven't really kicked in yet. Whenever he has infections he is in a lot more pain, and has a hard time with any bumps while in the car or stroller. So we tried to go in their Dino Land area, but didn't make it very far as it was a gravel road and just too painful. He did like the two we saw, though! He didn't want to go on any of the rides, but we walked around and looked at them. While walking around we saw the craft area, and Raul got a temporary tattoo of Thomas, which he is very proud of! We also played a bit with the train tables, and met Sir Topham Hatt (this got big smiles)! His favorites were the train tables and just watching the big Thomas go by! 


  1. I am sorry that Raul didn't feel well, but it's great he got to see Thomas and Sir Topham Hatt. His tattoo looks great.

  2. Sorry to hear Raul wasn't feeling his best but nice to know he still had a pretty good time! I love the picture of him with Sir Topham Hatt - too cute! :) And I just love his striped hat, that is awsome!