Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Methadone Trial

We decided to try Methadone to help Raul's pain when meeting with palliative care a couple weeks ago. Started it on Saturday, and it was a disaster. It made him super itchy and irritable. We ended up stopping it yesterday as the side effects were just too unbearable for Raul. He has also been in more pain, and it seems that may be because he is developing more infections. He had a half day of school today, so this afternoon we played outside for a while, and now he is napping (likely still extra tired from the medicine). 

This is his face for smelling the flower haha

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  1. Poor kiddo, sorry to hear he's in more pain. I'll send some prayers up for him! His "flower smelling" face is really, REALLY cute though! Silly boy. <3 <3