Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mer and Pat's Farm

Raul has been very much looking forward to going to "Mer-and-Pat's-farm" (he says it as one word)! We talked about all the animals they would have, but in the end he was most taken by their cat! We also saw cows, chickens, baby ducks, goats, a sheep, and pigs. First we went out to lunch, and he did awesome sitting quietly playing videos on the iPad while we ate. Then we went to see their apartment, and met their cat Marmalade. Raul was too funny with the cat. He was following it around ordering it to get down and play. The cat paid little attention to him, but Raul did not give up! He got to pet it a few times, and watch it play with its string. He also gave it some kisses at the end, which was adorable! We walked around the farm and saw all the other animals, and also a green tractor, which Raul was very excited about! He seemed to know how one would drive a tractor if it was on. He then explained to us, complete with hand motions, how he would dump his load into a dump truck. He was very sad when we had to leave, but hopefully we can take him back to visit in the Spring!


  1. At the very least, Raul needs a cat. The best thing would be to get him a farm with every animal loves and a tractor. He obviously knows how to drive one, as he looked like he belonged behind the wheel. Such a curious little boy!

  2. I agree with LeeAnn! Raul needs his own Marmalade (which, by the way, is an AWESOME name for a kitty cat)! Marmalade definitely seemed to like Raul, too - the pictures of M kissing Raul are so sweet, and in the very last picture M seems to be saying, "No worries, I'll take care of this one, he's mine." Kinda makes me want my own Marmalade now! :)