Saturday, February 8, 2014


Raul had labs done a few weeks ago, and is in need of another iron infusion, but we are waiting a few weeks as his hematologist thinks she is making progress in getting our insurance to improve another infusion/injection that should help his anemia

My last foster baby has been in the hospital for almost two months now, and Raul loves going to visit! He asks frequently to go see her, and seems to like hanging out there!

Today we went to a kids concert. Raul was overwhelmed at first by the noise, but he liked seeing one of the bands in the hallway when we were watching from afar! We had to get their CD, as they have a song about fire trucks!

Raul putting his hands in the air along with the song

You never know how you will find him sleeping. Here he has his blanket as well as three stuffed animals!

Raul got an awesome new blanket wit cars on it from Binkeez for Comfort, and he was VERY excited about it!

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