Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Raul has had some very deep wounds that I have been worried about (they haven't healed since birth), so we were scheduled for a joint dermatology and surgery appointment at Shriner's today. The derm. was a no show, but the surgeon was there. He started talking about all these areas he wanted to graft, but then realized Raul still smelled awful like bacteria, so they cultured all his main wounds. We aren't sure why his wounds are still so overcolonized, as he was just on antibiotics for over a month and we have been using silver dressings.
We will have an appointment in two weeks to discuss a plan. He said they would likely want to use his scalp as a donor site for the graft, but that it could risk alopecia in the area, so I am not thrilled about that. They would admit him the day before to start antibiotics. But we have to wait for the cultures to come back to see if grafts are even an option. Because of the bacteria and the risk of grafts failing, we discussed just trying his worst ankle first and seeing how it goes.

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  1. I didn't even realize that grafting was an option for EB patients. I'm wondering, and maybe I'm being ignorant, but could someone else's donated skin work? I'm not thinking in terms of automatic miracle cure, but just as an option.