Monday, April 22, 2013

Raul and the Pool

Today Raul went in the pool, and he LOVED it! He spent about an hour in the water. He was a little nervous at first, but then was happy and loved splashing and being pushed around in his raft. He laughed when being spun around and when we did big splashes. He also fell in love with a small plastic boat and would get upset if he couldn't reach it. Towards the end he was sitting on the step and he stuck his face in the water like he was blowing bubbles! He looked a bit shocked, but then did it multiple more times! Then we had to change all his bandages back at the house since he was soaked. He took a long nap after such a busy morning!

Raul's reaction to his face being in the water


  1. What a fun experience ... for both of you!

  2. This has been such a tough week! These photo's just made me cry out of pure joy!!! Love you guys, have more more more fun!!!
    <3 kristen