Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Tree Shopping (part 1)

Today we went shopping for the tree for our apartment, and in a couple weeks we will go for the tree for my parents house.  Unfortunately, Raul was pretty uncomfortable because he scratched his other eye two nights ago (he scratched his left eye right before Thanksgiving). He did seem to like it though, so I am looking forward to going back when he is feeling better! Then we went to the mall with my mom to do some Christmas shopping, and we were going to have Raul see Santa, but strangely, that mall didn't have one! We will have to try again another day! Raul was exhausted after the day, and fell asleep in the car, and even managed to stay asleep in his stroller for a few minutes after getting home (this is after over 12 hours of sleep last night)!. Hopefully his eye will heal better with all the sleep!

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