Monday, July 16, 2012

Raul's New Shoes

Raul got some new "shoes" today! He now has a pair of AFOs (complete with a car pattern) to help keep his feet from contracting further down. At this point they are not stretching his feet, just maintaining position. He will start off only wearing them for a short time before a bandage change so that we can monitor if they are affecting his skin, then we will build up time. Since Raul does not have insurance, the AFOs were donated by a wonderful and kind orthotist who is friends with his PT. They put treads on the bottom so that he can wear them in his gait trainer since he doesn't really wear normal shoes. And thanks to the orthotist, we are now connected to a family in the area that has a boy only a little older than Raul with severe RDEB!

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  1. Bob, the man who built and donated, Raul 's new AFOs is one of the truly kind and generous people we have met on our journey with Raul. I am so appreciative of his willingness to share his expertise ,time and product with our family. Meeting Bob was one of the highlights of my Raul experience!
    Caroline's mom, Raul's Buni