Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Kisses from Raul :)

Over the last couple days Raul has learned to scoot forward! He is camera shy, so it took a lot of prompting/tempting to get him to do it for this video though!

Walking practice! We are working on getting Raul a gait trainer so that he can be mobile!

I was just trying to video him playing with the iPhone, because it is so cute, but when my mom turned the TV off you can hear him say "all done" without any prompting!


  1. He is just precious! Thanks for sharing these adorable videos :)

  2. So wonderful to see videos of him! thank you sharing!!!1

  3. wow he is such a smart boy,he's so cute with the iphone! Caroline your great with Raul,hope to see him walking soon!
    Big hug
    Lavi & Ivy